Gay Project

Me and My Closet

When I look at my own reflection in the mirror, what do I see?

I see a little blond curly-haired boy. A boy that didn’t want to grow up and who hated that thought so much. A boy that was too queer and too different from others that he became a pro in a pretend game. That boy was forced into growing up in a very brutal fashion. One ugly and wrong sentence just killed him and his dreams of being a kid forever. After that sentence this big, loud and cynical guy-with an attitude was born. Big guy sentenced that little boy to 20 years in the closet without the possibility of parole. The closet was dark, ugly and sad but the little boy was waiting patiently for the end of his sentence because he knew that he did not do anything wrong. On this day a few years ago he came out of his closet. The big guy cried and begged him for forgiveness. Little boy just smiled and wiped tears from his face. They were both finally free from the chains of the closet.

Happy coming out day to me!

By Krunoslav Longin