Gay Project

Programme Description:

Recognise the need for change in your life, but unsure where to begin? If you struggle with self-confidence and low self-worth, we understand. If you’re seeking a tailored personal development programme specifically designed for GBQmsm+ men, look no further. Our OUTwell programme aims to provide the guidance, skills building and tools development that you need to create a stronger sense of belonging, to enhance your relationship skills cultivating more meaningful connections in your life, and positively change your health. Say goodbye to feelings of confusion and disorientation as you learn how to heal and empower yourself. Embark on your personal development journey with the support of experienced guides who can assist you in taking those initial uncertain steps to improving your all round  physical, sexual, mental health and well-being.

Be the first to join this pilot programme funded by Cork ETB REACH Fund, coordinated by Gay Project and facilitated by professional service providers that aim to equip you with the life skills you need to elevate your own personal growth to the next level.

What you’ll experience:

  • 10 X weekly 2.5-hour facilitated sessions in Cork City
  • 2 X monthly 2-hour Saturday Sessions focused on specific skills development with an ‘Open Spot’ where the project group will decide what skill they would like to develop or what topic they would like to explore.
  • A tailored programme created in collaboration with the participants. Participants will also receive individual support, guidance and signposting to other helpful programmes (e.g. We Can Quit – Quit Smoking programme).
  • Mindfulness training incorporating guided meditations to facilitate daily practice and enhance proficiency in various techniques.
  • A space to build genuine connections and to foster friendships among fellow GBQmsm+ men.
  • A comprehensive participant journal/handbook to assist in navigating the program, document acquired knowledge, monitor personal growth, and offering additional resources and exercises to aid your personal growth.
  • Regular support and communication between sessions to inspire and motivate participants practicing new learnings and adopting new behaviours. This includes assistance in connecting with other interest groups associated with Gay Project, such as Frontrunners, Outstaged Drama, Gay Ramblers Hill Walking, etc.
  • Your valuable lived experiences, wisdom and new learnings through the programme will contribute to the creation of a Personal Development Resource specifically targeted towards other GBQmsm+ men in your community.
  • Topics covered will include: Healthy Eating, Home Workout Training, Sexual Health Education, Mindfulness Technique Building, and much more.

Participant Requirements:

Participants must be 18+ years of age on the date of programme commencement. While this programme is free to participants, a €50 registration deposit to encourage full participation and commitment to carry out the full programme will apply. This deposit is to ensure that spaces on the programme are appropriately allocated and will be returned upon completion of the programme.