Gay Project

Volunteer Opportunities with Gay Project

Volunteers are integral to what we do in Gay Project and are present at every level of the organisation. 

  • The Board of Management is a team of volunteer trustees who oversee the work that we do. 
  • Many services that we offer are led or supported by volunteers. 
  • Much of the day-to-day operations are supported by volunteers in some capacity or other. 
  • New community initiatives are often set up by volunteers with a drive to get something started. 

To find out more about volunteering with Gay Project, read the section below, keep an eye on our website and social media for up-to-date volunteering opportunities or email with an enquiry

Gay Project Avenues for Volunteering

Online Fundraisers

Host an online fundraiser for the Gay Project! Donate your birthday on Facebook, find us on or host a GoFundMe to support our work.

Stewarding & Bucket Collection

Stewarding and Bucket Collection at Our Big Events like Outing The Past History Festival in Spring.

Host an Event

Host an event in your school, workplace or community in aid of Gay Project. Contact us for guidelines on running a successful fundraising event.

Corporate Volunteering - Find us on Benevity.

We are always looking to improve our internet presence. Specifically, we are looking for support in google analytics, google ads, Facebook analytics, Facebook and Instagram ads and help in driving up our website SEO. If this is something your team can help with we’d love to get your help!  There are many other ways for Corporate Volunteers to support the work that we do depending on the skill sets that they bring. In the past, corporate volunteers have helped us by:

  1. Hosting webinars on internet safety for the community
  2. Provided us with the technical know-how to deliver our own high-quality training online.
  3. Trained our staff in the use of technology to help us produce high-quality podcasts and videos.
  4. If your team is interested in volunteering with Gay Project. Send us an email with your proposal.

Start a Group!

Interested in setting up a Community Group under Gay Project Affiliation Programme? Here’s what to do!

  1. Contact us for guidelines
  2. Write a proposal for your group using the guidelines.
  3. Send us your proposal and we can discuss if and how we can help.

Write a blog for us

Write a blog for us about your experience using our service or your perspective as an LGBTI+ Person/Ally/ Parent/Professional. See some examples here.

Hubspot provides some guidelines that might be useful in writing your first blog.


Finally, you don’t have to spend money or make a big commitment to Volunteer with the Gay Project! Some of the quickest and easiest ways to support us are the following:

a) Join one of our social, sporting or cultural groups. Find the full list of groups under events and social groups on our website.

b) Follow our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages @GayProjectIRL

c) Invite your friends to like our Facebook page.

d) Retweet our content.

e) Use #gayproject on instagram/twitter.

f) Sign up to our newsletter on

Volunteer Opportunities with the LGBT+ Community

Volunteer with the Cork Branch of the LGBT Helpline

Volunteer with the Cork Branch of the LGBT Helpline run by LGBT Ireland. Find out more and apply here:

Volunteer with the Cork Pride Festival

Volunteer at the Cork LGBT+ Pride Festival. Find out how you can help out and apply here: ​​

Write for Gay Community News!

Become a local Volunteer Contributor to Gay Community News! Get more information and how to apply here:

Deliver Workshops and Talks with ShoutOUT!

Give Workshops and Talks to Young People and Professionals in Cork and further afield with ShoutOUT. Get involved and apply here:

Form an LGBT Allies Association

Form an LGBT Allies Association in your school, workplace or community. Visit MTU LGBT Society Cork for a guidebook on getting started.