Gay Project

Workshops and Talks

We are available to provide talks in schools and workplaces on LGBT issues. Contact for more information.

We also provide in-house workshops for the LGBT community on a range of issues.

See our calendar for upcoming workshops.

Community Education

In recent years we ran three successful community education courses. The first, a personal development course for men facilitated by Robert Fourie, the second, an art therapy course led by Graham Redmond and the third and introduction to meditation by Derrick Gererty. Robert, Graham and Derrick are all qualified and experienced practitioners. All expressed a keen interest in working closely with this community in particular and felt that they wanted to give back to the community using their professional skills. These courses offered men an opportunity to explore issues like self-care, self-confidence, and self-expression. Spanning over two months, each of the courses gave people an opportunity to make new friends or reconnect with the community.

In addition, we’ve run numerous one-off workshops in topics as diverse as Make-Up For Men, Recycling, SAFEtalk, Grooming For Men, Intimacy Workshops, Porn and Pleasure Workshops, Consent Workshops, Self-Care through Herbal Medicine Workshops, Workshops on Emotional Self-Care, LGBT Online Safety, Healthy Cooking, Training of Healthcare Workers as part of the LGBT Champions Program, and many more. If you have an idea for a workshop (including online workshops) you can contact us at or keep an eye on our social media for more updates.