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Gay Project's Festival of Dangerous Ideas makes stellar debut- Heres what to expect in Week 2

Gay Project’s Festival of Dangerous Ideas makes stellar debut- Heres what to expect in Week 2

Hot on the heels of an unmissable beginning, Festival of Dangerous Ideas

promises essential discussions and performances in its second week.

The wonderful team over at Gay Project in Cork are blazing ahead with new and inspiring topics for week two of their Festival of Dangerous Ideas after delivering a stellar launch. 

Following on from an illuminating and hilarious introduction session, A Festival of Dangerous Ideas will be returning from 7:15 to 8:45 on Thursday, November 5. This week’s conversation plans to dive into the complexities of queer identities, gender order, performativity, and so much more.

Dr Cormack O’Brien and Dr Emma Hurley are leading the conversation on Patriarchy and its Discontents: Queer Identity and the Gender Order for this week. They will be discussing the various forms of masculinities and gender identities along with positive psychology. 

Alongside Dr O’Brien and Dr Hurley, audience members can enjoy a wonderful The Break For Art portion with special performances from the incredible Jamie Nanci.

After kicking off A Festival of Dangerous Ideas with a thrilling first week, excitement continues to build over what can be expected across these 12 weeks. With fresh and engaging ideas, these sessions provide a wonderful source of inspiration and a new outlook on everyday life. 

Speaking with GCN before the Festival’s launch, Gay Project’s Education officer, Rita Wild, shared, “I get really excited about ideas because ideas actually change things. It’s ideas that change the world. And ideas are dangerous because they can completely overturn the status quo.”

Following the Festival’s first session, Wild expressed her overwhelming delight at the warm and welcoming reception from audience members. She explained there were “great chats, great craic, and everybody had a lovely time. It’s great that it’s a Zoom webinar cause it means there is space for everybody.”

Tickets are free for all 12 sessions of the Festival of Dangerous Ideas. They can be found at this link.

If you would like to check out week 1 of the Festival, you can rewatch it at this link.