Gay Project

Gay Project staff, suitably qualified, are available year round to facilitate training sessions for a variety of groups in various settings including community, education, and corporate.

With increasingly diverse communities and workplaces, it’s essential to receive appropriate training for working with and supporting service users, students, employees of different backgrounds. The LGBTI+ community faces some of the toughest barriers in different sectors where they often fear that the space they are in might not be inclusive of their identities. To succeed in supporting those members of your community or workplace, it’s important to be proactive about ensuring your teams receive the appropriate training, on awareness, communication, respect, policy implementation and more.

Training sessions can vary depending on content requirements, however we recommend a two-and-a-half to three hour comprehensive training time to allow adequate time to present the content, discuss any questions, and to explore meaningful ways to put the learning into practice going forward.

Content can include but is not limited to:

  • LGBTI+ Terminology,
  • Pronouns and usage,
  • Supporting someone through the coming out process,
  • Supporting someone through the transition process,
  • How to be an effective LGBTI+ Advocate,
  • How to provide an LGBTI+ inclusive space,
  • Where to signpost to other support services,
  • Inclusive policy writing.

All Gay Project training sessions are delivered by qualified trainers who have lived experience of the issues facing LGBTI+ people in Ireland.

Training costs can vary according to group size and setting. The prices below are our standard packages which we are happy to discuss further should they not be within your budget. We do offer free sessions in particular circumstances, however we believe it’s important to place a monetary value on staff time and expenses, while also ensuring the trainees have financial incentive to commit to participation. 

Our guide prices are as follows:

  • Community Groups and NGOs – €100
  • Educational Institutions – €200
  • Small/Medium Business (20 participants or less) – €300
  • Large Corporate (20+ participants) – €500

To book a session please email with your name, contact details, and a brief description of what type of training you’re interested in receiving. We will respond within five working days to discuss your requirements in more detail.