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Again, you’re free to join us for a few runs before joining.

Should a run be cancelled, we will notify of this on our social media pages.


We have a wide range of running and walking ambitions and levels. Join us to see where you fit in. We sometimes have Couch-to-5K running programmes and track sessions, but mostly we allow people to do their own thing.

There is no judgement if running isn’t your thing. The most important aspect is to get out, exercise and socialise!

Any news on a Couch-to-5K will be advertised on our Facebook or Instagram page.


We are still a young running club, but again incredibly proud of our progress so far. We communicate with other Frontrunners clubs internationally and strive to become better and more inclusive. Should you therefore feel that you can contribute to the running club in any way, do reach out.


Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us on:

If you want to support us, follow us on Instagram and Facebook, where you can reach out to us via chats.

Should a run be cancelled, we will notify of this on the above platforms.


Frontrunners & Briskwalkers Cork is Cork’s LGBTQIAP+ running club existing since October 2018 and still in full operation!

As part of Cork’s Gay Project, we are incredibly grateful and proud of how far we have come and what our members have contributed to the club. We are also proud to be an active and social initiative with basis in Cork City and we are always welcoming new runners and ideas!


Questions like these arise from time to time: Are we trying to isolate LGBTQIAP+ people from society? Do LGBTQIAP+ people need to run more than non-LGBTQIAP+ people? Society is already so progressive, why are you hiding?

Many individuals in LGBTQIAP+ communities have for many reasons an aversion towards sports and sports culture. These reasons include anticipating rejection due to their sexuality, gender, identity markers, bad experiences from PE classes, discriminatory attitudes and encounters in certain sports, physical activities and events[1]. Further, for Cork’s LGBTQIAP+ community it is obvious that we need more spaces and safe grounds to meet up in.

We strive to remain such a space where people with different genders, identities, sexualities and backgrounds can meet without having to fear being judged or questioned. Moreover, where Cork’s LGBTQIAP+ community can meet for the social element, the craic, a shared purpose and exercise. We also have allies in our circles and proudly so.

On a larger scale, there is still a requirement for minority communities to remain visible. LGBTQIAP+ rights have been furthered spectacularly fast in recent years, and it is a privilege to live in a time where one can express oneself so genuinely and freely. But we must remain visible to remind people that homophobic and discriminatory attitudes and initiatives are widespread and far from gone. Ireland should be proud for being a nation where LGBTQIAP+ rights have been furthered by the public itself, and for being a beacon of hope for many other nations. We hope to carry on this legacy through our visibility and initiatives.


You can join us for our few runs or walks before having to pay membership, so come along whenever we are on!

We meet every Saturday at 10 am and every Monday evening at 7 pm. Locations change depending on the season, so do follow us on Instagram, Facebook or get in touch via